Site Planning, Layout & Design

David Gorin & Associates partners with highly qualified architects and land planners to provide clients with site planning, layout and design services. We also can work to support your own local professional planners, architects and engineers to provide them with the expertise they need to meet your specific needs in developing or upgrading an RV park or campground.

DGA has a partnership with Donald Westphal Associates, a Michigan firm with more than 30 years of experience encompassing more than 1000 mobile home and RV park projects. Don and his associates bring a highly professional approach to site planning, incorporating sound and current land use principals, environmental requirements, zoning and permitting expertise through every step of the project from government approvals to construction. Don's expertise allows every project to effectively and cost-efficiently to move forward in a way that maximizes financial resources and assures that the property is used to its best efficiency.

Don takes DGA feasibility studies and helps turn them into actual on the ground projects. Together, DGA and Don can provide the expertise necessary to assure the project is implemented efficiently, effectively and successfully.