A Feasibility Case Study

During the first half of 2014, DGA conducted feasibility studies in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Vermont, Wisconsin, Florida (3), Connecticut, New York, New Mexico and North Carolina (2).

The studies included a two day site visit, analysis of the RVer market within 150 miles of the property, development of a business model specifically designed for the location and market with appropriately designed RV sites, rental units, tent/rustic campsite areas. DGA also provided a complete pro forma analysis including estimated pace of sales in condo developments, income projections based on rentals and sales, expense analysis and ROI calculations. In several cases, DGA also conducted specialized market research among RVers to test the desirability of the location.

Studies also include analysis of business model options including rental, condominium, membership, seasonal vs. transient, and combinations of the various options. Feasibility studies recommend the model most likely to provide the highest and best use of the property.