Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are a critical step in the development of a new RV resort or in the planning of a major renovation or expansion of an existing park. A high level study provides independent expertise and experience that is of great value to the developer and to Investors and financial institutions that may be associated with the project.

As in every business, there are many different business models that make up the RV park and campground industry. A feasibility study is important in developing and assessing the business model being considered for a specific project in a specific location. The key to success in the park business is creating the right business model...in the right location...at the right time...with the right facilities and amenities...with the right financial projections and assumptions...and targeting to the right market. DGA feasibility studies provide sharp and experienced insights in response to these considerations.

Over the years, DGA has conducted more than 60 feasibilty studies. These in-depth reports average about 100 pages of analysis. Each report is crafted individually and is based on conditions, research and analysis specific to the time period, location and economic conditions prevailing at the time and projected forward through the development and operational periods.

DGA has developed a proprietary financial modeling program that enables us to prepare very specific financial projections based on actual data collected from various resources. This program enables us to provide detailed models under various scenarios and allows us to offer the client the ability to frequently update the projections based on actual experiences as the project moves forward.

RV park development involves substantial investment. A high quality and detailed feasibility study conducted by a highly reputable expert in the business can actually make the difference in the ultimate success or failure of the venture. The cost of a study is usually a very small part of the overall projected investment and could be thought of as an insurance policy - in the best of all worlds, a feasibility study can lead to a highly successful project worth the millions of dollars invested or, alternatively, can save millions by avoiding an unrealistic or inappropriate investment.

Pre-Feasibility Studies

DGA offers what we've named a "Pre-Feasibility Study". This study is often a first step undertaken by a developer who has an idea and property that maybe suitable for an RV park development. Before going to far down the road in the development process, DGA can perform a high-line analysis of the property, the location, the market and the proposed business model and provide the developer with guidance that may say "yes, this property, location, market has potential - continue the process" or "no, save your money - the property, location, market does not appear to meet the basic considerations for success." A Pre-Feasibility Study is often a less expensive first step in development.

Details of the contents of a DGA Feasibility Study are available on request. As a general rule, to protect confidentiality of our clients and our proprietary work, we donít share actual studies with potential clients but we will share previous studies at in-person meetings and of course, we are happy to provide references.